Panel II: Resiliency: from Cyclones to Cyber Security

Ballroom June 5, 2018 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

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Tanya Bodell
Elaine Wilson
Joseph Thomas
Stanley Nolan
Stephen Rourke

Resiliency is the new buzz word in U.S. power markets following the DOE’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and subsequent FERC docket on the same.  While FERC solicits comments and works through resiliency as a concept, how to measure it, how to regulate it, and what price to set for it, you can get ahead of the curve.  This panel brings together representatives from four different areas of New England’s power system: the regional system operator, a local distribution company, an expert on microgrids and reliability alternatives, as well as an industry specialist focused on cybersecurity within a large utility.  They will analyze and discuss what resiliency means and how it can be improved from multiple angles, including preparations and response to extreme weather events, malicious malware, nation-state and terrorist threats, technical and operational challenges, integration of new technology, and fuel adequacy.  Broaden your understanding of the now opened Pandora’s box of threats to resiliency and how the industry is looking to capture and control the consequences.

Moderator: Tanya Bodell, Executive Director, Energyzt

Elaine Wilson, Director, US Security Architecture, National Grid

Joseph Thomas, Vice President for Electric System Operations and Logistics, The United Illuminating Company

Stanley Nolan, Director, Utility Operations and Energy Management, University of Connecticut

Stephen J. Rourke, Vice President, System Planning, ISO New England