Panel IV: Pot, Slots, and ‘Bots – How Emerging Industries and Technologies Are Changing the Region’s Electric Load

Ballroom June 5, 2018 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

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Ellen Cool
William Bentley
Roger Kranenburg
Michael Thompson
Jonathan Wohl

New England has begun to experience new energy demands from emerging industries and technologies sprouting in this region:  electrification of transportation, cannabis cultivation, casinos, and energy-intensive data centers.  These nascent industries have load shapes and reliability requirements that will drive advances in energy efficiency and novel energy delivery services.   This panel will feature representatives from these industries and the utilities that serve them, who will discuss the challenges they face and the energy strategies that they have implemented.

Moderator: Ellen Cool, Vice President and Principal, Levitan & Associates, Inc.

William Bentley, Senior Business Development Executive, Iron Mountain Data Centers

Roger Kranenburg, Vice President, Energy Strategy and Policy, Eversource

Michael Thompson, Chief Agricultural Officer, Artcan Group, LLC

Jonathan Wohl, Senior Vice President, Project Development DCO Energy LLC