NEECE19: 2050: Closer Than You Think

State and local policymakers in New England are targeting reductions in greenhouse emissions and increases in renewable and clean energy to meet long-term energy and environmental goals in the 2050 timeframe (e.g., reduce GHG emissions 80% below 1990 levels by 2050). The conference will explore how the region’s energy industry and energy markets will need to change to achieve those goals.

How are state policies in the Northeast transforming next-generation energy systems to be clean, resilient and affordable? What is the role of offshore wind, energy storage, microgrids, electric vehicles and other technologies in this rapidly changing energy space? How are city-sponsored energy projects creating test beds for innovation? What can New England’s energy sector learn about workforce development from the submarine-building industry? How are business leaders in manufacturing, vehicle charging, electric transmission, energy storage, and energy production and delivery evolving their businesses to prepare for change?

We hope you’ll join us at NEECE19 as we search for answers to these questions for a future that’s Closer Than You Think.



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