Exhibiting at the New England Energy Conference and Exposition allows for invaluable face-to-face meetings, but what else can it offer?

  • Boosted Brand Visibility
    Regardless of the size of your company, exhibiting increases exposure to your target audience and enables you to directly market your products and services.
  • Networking
    Build your network and stay on the pulse of the market through interactions with both attendees and the other energy professional exhibitors.
  • Find New Product Ideas
    By walking the area, you are exposing yourself to new products or service offerings, sales pitches and other marketing techniques. You are the eyes and ears for your company. Learn what’s new and you can take it back to your own company!
  • Obtain Leads
    New contacts you interact with at the conference are more likely to commit to a future meeting than through a cold call. By exhibiting, you’re gathering contacts who will more likely lead to future opportunities.
  • Create Lasting Impressions
    Stand out amongst other exhibitors, offer a creative giveaway that offers greater company visibility. Gather lasting relationships through social media connections.

Don’t miss this opportunity enhance your visibility and connect with current/potential clients and vendors in the energy industry.

More information and prices are available at our Exhibit section of this site.

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