Market Your Company to the Energy Leaders of New England!

Engage with the right audience! Gain exposure by sponsoring this year’s conference. Here are some reasons you might consider sponsoring NEECE24 – the gathering of leading experts of New England’s energy industry. 

  • Reputation
    Be part of this annual high-profile, annual conference.
  • Market Insights
    Gain ideas and contacts that are invaluable for businesses and hard to obtain in other ways.
  • New Business Partnerships
    Conferences allow you to meet other industry professionals that can help your company grow.
  • Invest and Save Money in the Long Run
    On average it costs 62% less to generate leads from conferences over traditional methods.*
  • Exposure
    Give your company extra visibility to potential clients through event promotion.

If your company could benefit from exposure or connections in the energy industry, please join us at NEECE24 on June 4-5!
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*Statistic from Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor Exhibit at Industry Conferences

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